The Importance of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection


“What?! I am not paying for a home inspection! I keep my house in good condition.”

“Why should I lay out the money for a home inspection? Let the buyer pay for one.”

“I am not paying for a home inspection. Let’s just give them a credit.”

How many times have you, as a listing agent, heard these statements from your clients? Probably most of the time. I was just involved in a transaction where the sellers refused to do a home inspection, replacing it instead with a significant seller’s’ credit. Not only did the sellers get burned, but the listing agent did too. The house was in such disrepair that the buyers home inspection report was several pages long. The sellers ended up having to lay out double their credit and the listing agent spent more time at the house the weekend before the closing then she had during her entire listing of the property. Moreover, she had to put some of her own money towards the repairs.

The above scenario could have easily been avoided if the sellers had a home inspection before listing their home. Don’t brush off doing a pre-sale home inspection. Avoid hidden problems, choose who you want to do the repairs, and save money.

~ icy


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