GCAAR Realtor Fest

Manning the Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services booth

A few weeks ago I attended my first GCAAR Realtor Fest. I covered Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services booth for most of the day. I had help from my two bosses, Rick Hearn, Mid-Atlantic President and Deb Goguen. The purpose of the event was for vendors like us to be available to meet and mingle with realtors in between their required CLE classes. It was apparent when the classes were going on as the floor was empty except for the vendors. But this gave us time to network with each other. What struck me the most was the wall of competition was lifted during this event. Settlement companies hung out with each other, as did lenders. That’s not to say we all weren’t trying to establish and forge new relationships with one another, but it was all done in a civil and friendly manner.

I have to say the event reminded me a little like Halloween. Many vendors were giving away recycled bags with the company logo on it. Whether these bags will actually be used for the purpose they were made, carrying food and other items from the grocery store, they definitely made the perfect bag for attendees to carry vendor’s giveaway items. Some had bags so full they were carrying two bags. Great publicity for the vendors who gave away the bags. But just like Halloween, more than likely attendees will sort through their newly acquired gadgets and only keep those that are useful to them-not focusing on the company that gave them the gadget.

I was fortunate to work with Rick and Deb because of the exposure they gave me. Both introduced me to many of their acquaintances and through them, I made other contacts. All in all I found it to be an extremely successful and productive day. Now I just need to send out my follow up emails.

I would love to hear from other vendors and realtors who were at the Realtor Fest. What was your experience? Did you find the Realtor Fest to be a good networking resource? Send me a private message to my email at ilene.kanfer@masettlement.com or put your comment here. I look forward to hearing from you.



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