As a real estate settlement attorney for almost 20 years, I have been very fortunate to have had two jobs that I love. My first job was the owner of my own title company, RAS Settlement and Title Company, named after my three children Ryan, Adam, and Shayna. Now I am fortunate to be working for the company Realogy, a global leader in residential real estate franchising. Specifically, I work for their title company, Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services.  

Being my own boss was in the past; and working for a great boss is my present. I love what I do because I help buyers and sellers have their dreams come true in the purchase and sale of their home.

The role of a settlement attorney is the same whether you are the boss or the employee. You represent the transaction. In both of my places of employment, I take this responsibility very seriously. From beginning to end, I am constantly in touch with the entire process; keeping all parties up to date with everything that is happening. I also make myself available 24/7 to both agents and buyers/sellers.

While working for myself had its perks, being employed by a large company like Realogy is a bigger perk. At Mid-Atlantic Settlement Services I have more resources at my disposal to give to agents, buyers, and sellers. As a one stop shop for all the needs of a purchase and sale, I am able to oversee the settlement process with ease.  I am able to do what I do best-be a lawyer.

~ Icy